5 Of The Most Puzzling Escape Rooms In Glasgow

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5 Of The Most Puzzling Escape Rooms In Glasgow

Can you solve the clues and make it out in time?

Whether you need to break out of prison, free yourself from the clutches of a madman, or find the cure, there is an escape room in Glasgow to test your wits, nerves, and intelligence. But will you be able to work as a team to find the way out, or will you butt heads and be buried alive? Here are five of our favourite escape rooms in Glasgow. (Featured image: Kdwk Leung)

1. Alcatraz, Escape Reality

Today, Alcatraz is a tourist destination. But back in 1934, it was home to some of the USA’s most dangerous, cunning and conniving criminals — and now, fast forward to 2020, that includes you. For some time you have been planning your escape and readying your inmate crew with all the knowledge they need to help out and not get in the way. They’re almost ready, but now that the cells are chock-a-block, an incident has broken out drawing the attention of all the guards. Will you make the move?

Recommended for up to four players and rated as one of their most difficult rooms, Escape Reality’s Alcatraz will have you turning over a jail cell searching frantically for clues to solve as the clock ticks. Working together is the only way to break free before the guards return. Unlock your inner Michael Schofield or stay locked behind bars till the end of your days.

ℹ️ Over on the Escape Reality website
💷 £17 to £23 per player, depending on the number of players
📍 Corner of Candleriggs and Bell Street, Merchants Square, Unit 1 Bell Street

2. The Surgery, Locked In

You’ve heard the gruesome tales of waking up in a bathtub full of ice with a scar running sideways across the side of your body. This isn’t one of those stories.

This isn’t one of those stories because you wake up handcuffed to the wall, kidneys still in their respectful positions. But you hear male voices from outside the room and you remember the hotel bar last night; and a man—a doctor—buying you martinis, sweet-talking you. You can’t stay here. You need to get out. But will you manage to steel your nerves and think clearly before the doctor returns?

Though The Surgery is not the most difficult room at Locked In (that title belongs to The Heist), it comes a close second with only a 66% completion rate — most likely due to the creepy and disturbing scenes which can push some players to their limits. As such, this room is not for the kiddies and is restricted to players 16 years of age and older. However, nobody has made it out alive in under thirty minutes.

ℹ️ Over on the Locked In website
💷 £15 to £23 per person
📍 390, Central Chambers, 93 Hope Street

3. The Lost Tomb, Escape Rooms Scotland

The tomb has been sealed for thousands of years and you, along with an elite group of archaeologists, have been invited to evaluate the findings. Once inside, you are amazed by what you see but one wrong move has set off a chain reaction of creaks and cracks before the doorway comes crashing down and you’re stuck inside.

Perfect for first-time escape room players or experts in the field, The Lost Tomb by Escape Rooms Scotland provides fun for everybody, as the non-linear narrative puts the pressure on and everybody must be on the hunt to solve the puzzle. Can you and your team (2 to 6 players) beat the 36-minute record?

ℹ️ Over on the Escape Rooms Scotland website
💷 £45 for 2 players, £75 for 6 players
📍 72 Hydepark Street

4. Contagion, Escape Glasgow

It’s another deadly virus that you and your team have been battling against for months now. The last report claimed you were moments away from the breakthrough cure but things in the lab have taken a turn for the absolute worst. You have all contracted the virus and the lab is in lockdown. But you are still this close from the cure. Don’t give up now because you perform best under pressure. And remember, the world is counting on you.

Contagion is a multi-room and multiplayer escape scenario that will demand out-of-the-box thinking to be able to solve the problems, break the codes, and beat the timer. Hope is not lost so long as you’re still alive.

ℹ️ Over on the Escape Glasgow website
💷 £44.00 for two players, £90.00 for six players
📍 Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street

5. Notorious, Catch 22 Rooms

Because you’re the newbie detective at the agency, you’ve been tossed the suspicious wife file. It seems like an easy case since all of the new detectives have been told to deal with it. All you have to do is follow the famous husband and report back to the wife. Easy. That is until you’re led into a web of deceit, lies and conspiracies connecting the entire underbelly of Hollywood. Will the other detectives at the office believe you?

Recommended for experienced players, the non-linear narrative of Notorious by Catch 22 Rooms will require a keen eye to observe, take note of your surroundings and find the clues. Does your team of newb detectives have what it takes?

ℹ️ Over on the Catch 22 Rooms website
💷 £40 for two players, £84 for six players
📍 144 St Vincent Street, G2

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