10 Of The Very Best Places To Kiss In Glasgow

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The ultimate guide to Glasgow’s most romantic spots.

Having been named one of the most romantic destinations in the UK, it must mean that Glasgow isn’t short of some romantic spots for a cheeky peck. From areas of natural beauty to places with breathtaking views of the city, check out these romantic spots in Glasgow that could be pretty perfect to kiss at, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or not. Warning you may feel a tad queasy from all the soppiness.

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1. Queens Park Flagpole

Looking to impress? Head up to one of Glasgow’s highest points for panoramic views of the city to plant that first, or 1000 and something, kiss at. Plus, if you’re feeling a tad nervous about all the eye contact, at least you have an excuse to look at something else and can take in those epic views of the Glasgow and beyond- you might even be able to see Ben Lomond on a clear day. Plus, the viewing platform is great for cosying up with your loved one, watching the world go by from above.

2. Royal Exchange Square

You needn’t have to visit a bar or restaurant in Glasgow’s Royal Exchange Square to enjoy take advantage of this romantic spot on an evening, as you can simply cosy up on the stairs of Glasgow’s Modern Art Gallery and witness the night-time sky be transformed. This spot goes even further for the romantic feels as you stand or sit under a twinkling blanket of fairy lights hung across the entire square. If we can’t all go to space to be closer to the stars, this is still a pretty magical alternative.

3. Winchers Stance

A bus station doesn’t sound like one of the most romantic spots but this bronze statue in Buchanan bus station, by artist John Clinch, brings the romance to an otherwise rather standard place. The ‘Winchers Stance’ is named after the local Scots word for kissing – ‘winching’ and depicts two young lovers reuniting after having been apart for some time. So, why not recreate the moment for yourselves? The mini kilt and matching Tam O’Shanter hat is not obligatory.

4. Glasgow Necropolis

Ok, hear us out here. We know cemeteries don’t exactly scream romance but the Necropolis is a pretty unique cemetery. The Necropolis was apparently inspired by Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, so being influenced by a landmark in the city of love it’s got to be one of the most romantic spots. The cemetery is dotted with classical buildings, historic monuments and leafy walks lined with wildflowers. Plus, if you head up to the top of the mound just before dusk you and and your companion can be treated to a beautiful winter sunset over the Necropolis.

5. The Lighthouse

Head to the top of this beautifully designed building by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for more unbelievable views of the city, all for free. Towers can be rather chilly so this gives you that movie moment where a jacket is offered to the chillier of the pair, opening up the possibility of a kiss.  Although it’s probably not the place to take your date if they don’t have a head for heights…

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6. The Hidden Gardens

There’s something quite magical about these gardens hidden behind the walls on Pollokshaws Road. This cute green space is a blissful, quiet oasis for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the south side for a mid-shopping smooch. If you enter via the Tramway, you’ll discover an outdoor seating area, a lawn, an old boiler house and a wooded area towards the other end. Wind chimes and ribbons dangle above a charming footpath which weaves through flowers beds and community allotments.

7. The Cloisters

Schools can sometimes be rather boring, and rather traumatic (flashbacks of last-minute essay writing may occur). However, rather than be stuck in the library, head to the cloisters at the University of Glasgow for a romantic getaway. Wander through the sun-drenched quadrangles to these beautifully-carved archways. The grand pillars are gorgeous when illuminated with fairy lights in the winter and perfect to hide behind for a kiss with that special someone. The thought of going back to school never sounded so good until now.

8. Rouken Glen Park

Go against TLC’s advice and chase those waterfalls, because you can’t disagree that the ones in Rouken Glen Park are worth having in the list of romantic spots. This natural beauty spot is an amazing place to have that intimate moment by standing on the nearby bridge with the water crashing down onto the rocks. In case you don’t know already, Glasgow is pretty damn beautiful.

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9. Ashton Lane

Step back in time as you walk down this charming cobbled street in the West End. Like Royal Exchange Square, the street us draped with twinkling fairy lights which oozes romantic. Lined with great bars and restaurants it’s also perfect for a date night or to pick up a takeaway to have at home.

10. Botanic Gardens

These botanic gardens in the West End offer plenty of places to roam with your date or loved one on foot. You can watch the wildlife in the tropical area of Kibble Palace or chill together in the outdoor gardens surrounded by gorgeous flowers, either way these botanical gardens are rather dreamy.

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