Experience A Gorgeous Floating Candlelight Concert On The River Clyde

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

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Set sail for an unforgettable night of music on Scotland’s historic ship, The Glenlee.

Glasgow isn’t short of concerts in incredible venues, but those concerts are going to need quite the venue to match the ferry impressive Glenlee down at the riverside. The splendid ship is playing host to some truly mesmerising candlelight concerts this spring, with the greatest classical musical compositions by Vivaldi streaming merrily from the bow to the stern and beyond. To make sure you can truly lose yourself in the melodies, there will be heaters at hand – encircling you in a bubble of warmth and banishing the winter chill. Prepare to be taken into the clouds with Vivaldi’s most treasured masterpieces!

Candlelight concert

This epic evening on Glasgow’s riverside will take place on December 21 – and you can find your tickets here! There are very few things in life more romantic than candlelight, but candlelight plus an evening full of wonderful classical music on the calming shores of the Clyde is definitely one of them. 2021 has been rather a pain in the boat, so why not hit the reset button on the year with a night of extraordinary music performances in the most remarkable setting?


The Glenlee first took to the water as a bulk cargo carrier in 1896 and has circumnavigated the globe four times and still floats today. Knot too shabby, eh? One of only five Clyde-built ships still afloat in the world today, the Glenlee is a brilliant spot for maritime themed events and activities. But the magnificent space becomes something else entirely when lit by the soft glow of candlelight, and filled with the sound of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Floating candlelight concert

This safe and socially distanced candlelight concert is ideal for a date night with a difference, as well as for special occasions, and we think finally leaving the house, aside from a food shop, definitely counts as one. You don’t need to know all things Vivaldi to enjoy the evening, for these soothing candlelight concerts are a great place to simply escape the usual hustle and bustle of Glasgow. There are shows at both 6pm and 8:30pm, but either way, you’re guaranteed an evening that you’ll never forget. Pick up your tickets here!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets here and hop on board!

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