Irn-Bru Old Unimproved Recipe From 1901 Has Returned To Shops, And We’re Buzzing About It

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The traditional ginger nectar recipe has made a sweet return.

Let’s be honest, there’s not been many things to get excited about these past months or so. Until now. The makers of the beautiful fizzy orange liquid that many of us love so much (anyone who dislikes it is kidding themselves) has announced today that they are bringing back their traditional recipe for good.

The old and improved Irn Bru recipe is back on shop shelves from today and everyone is pretty happy about it. The full sugar, sweetener free original recipe went down a treat with fans when it was first released, with some going far and wide to get their hands on it as stock ran low. Now, fans can rest easy knowing the 750ml glass bottles of the ginger nectar will be available for them to enjoy year-round – just as it was in 1901.

The authentic 1901 recipe came from a handwritten recipe book, which was stored deep in the Irn-Bru archives for more than 100 years.  Its distinct difference comes from its ingredients – quillaia for a frothy head, sweetened only with sugar and containing no caffeine, although of course it still has the same top secret Irn-Bru essence!

In an Instagram post, Irn-Bru wrote: “BRU’d to the original 1901 recipe, old-school label, traditional glass bottle… truly timeless. And now BACK FOR GOOD!” The formulation of Irn-Bru changed in 2018 to reduce the sugar content and avoid being charged sugar tax, however this caused plenty of outcry from fans.

So in 2019, the full-sugar version of the fizzy drink made a return, under the name Irn-Bru 1901 as a limited edition product, but now, much to everyone’s joy it’s unlimited and is not going anywhere.

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