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Tucked away in an unassuming rustic cabin, a fortress slowly brews.

Glasgow’s tea palace Tchai-Ovna knows how to hit the spot. And a collection of over 100 types of teas will just about do it for us, we think.

Tchai-Ovna’s House Of Tea invites you to their peaceful environment. You can enjoy a cuppa, play some games or meditate in their zen space. They also hold a series of evening live music events for a singalong and a celebratory brew. Shisha is also on offer, as well as a lovely menu of vegetarian food.

It’s not just music, though. Tchai-Ovna also plays host to drama events, storytellings, alternative therapies, art exhibitions and much more. Their ethos vows to never let big business and mass production get in the way of their homegrown, ethical trade of teas.

Tchai-Ovna’s website lays out their desire to ensure their Czech Cajovna (tearoom) “bring[s] the exotic otherness of far off places to [their] doorstep”.

“Hence one can step from the dreich Glasgow weather into Tchai-Ovna and it feels like stepping into a Turkish Chaikhana, or a Bedouin cave, or even a Japanese tea house,” they continue. “And in our experience, everyone appears to find something here to which they can relate – be that a nice comfy sofa or an Afghan Chai Zanjafeel.”

Their tea collection just happens to be unrivalled in Glasgow. Tchai-Ovna boasts 100 flavours, stretching from vast numbers of countries and cultures.

One moment you could be in the Vietnamese countryside sipping silver needles tea. While the next you’ll visit South Africa, with a fresh rooibos kalahari sitting by your side, all while the rain gives the tarmac pelters on the streets o’ Glasgow. Therefore, this is the Glasgow spot to relax and transport yourself across the globe.

Places that simultaneously conjure up the feeling of being right at home yet in a far off, exotic location are hard to come by. Especially when you add tea into the equation. Tchai-Ovna is a scarce and rare find for relaxing, sipping tea and enjoying a host of community-driven activities. (And you can even get tea delivered straight to your door!)

Tchai-Ovna: House Of Tea, 42 Otago Lane, G12 8PB

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