8 Of Glasgow’s Best Hot Chocolate Spots To Warm You Up This Season

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


From sophisticated mugs of rich, chocolatey heaven, to goblets of milky goodness with gooey marshmallows and cream, we’ve found the best places to grab a hug in a mug – yes, it can only be hot chocolate. Here’s your guide to Glasgow’s dreamiest hot chocolates. Just what the doctor ordered!

1. Tinderbox

With six branches in Glasgow, it seems Tinderbox is quite a popular drinking hole for Glaswegians. Sip on an intense cup with lashings of whipped cream for extra indulgence. When it comes to this rich and creamy drink Tinderbox says, “We take our hot chocolate just as seriously as we take our coffee.” ⁠And if their coffee is anything to go by then their hot chocolate is pretty damn good.

189 Byres Road, G12 8TS

118 Ingram Street, G1 1EJ

Paperchase, 185-221 Buchanan Street, G1 2JZ

48 Buchanan Street, G1 3JN

24 Charing Cross Mansions, G3 6UJ

116 Waterloo Street, G2 7DN

2. Bees Knees Cafe

The hot chocolate here really is the bee’s knees (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Vegans rejoice as Bees Knees Cafe has its very own decadent drink to warm you up this season. Stir their natural cocoa powder in warm, creamy-like plant-based milk and watch as it dissolves into the cup for a satisfying and dreamy hot chocolate.

83 Bowman Street, G42 8LF

3. Nic’s NYC Deli

Despite being known for their doughnuts, Nic’s NYC Deli, sure know how to make a hot chocolate too. If you have seen their baked goods, you’ll know that this place doesn’t do food and drink in half measures. Nic’s creation is what some would describe as extraordinary. Their XL version is served in a Nutella jar, topped with chocolate hazelnut spread, whipped cream, marshmallows, Kinder Bueno, Oreos, sprinkles, chocolate shavings and caramel sauce. We cannot be held responsible for the sugar coma you may be in afterwards.

396 Byres Road, G12 8AR

4. Short Long Black Coffee

It may be in the name, but it’s not all coffee on the drinks menu at Short Long Black Coffee. Every now and then a drink borders on a cross between beverage and a work of art and the hot chocolate at Short Long Black Coffee is exactly that. Chill out with a cup of their velvety hot chocolate and one of their awesome bakes inside, outside or to takeaway. Either way, enviable looks from passers-by may occur.

501 Victoria Road, G42 8RL

5. Loop and Scoop

Take a stroll to Hillhead, near the Botanic Gardens, and pop into Loop and Scoop for a deliciously rich hot chocolate but with a difference. Treat yourself to some churros, and inhale both your luxurious drink and that freshly fried dough dusted in cinnamon sugar! Loop and Scoop have upgraded the hot drink dunking game with their churros, so much so you won’t want to dunk a biscuit in this creamy, chocolatey drink again. Make sure to save room for their gelato as well. You’re welcome.

665 Great Western Road, G12 8RE

157 Milngavie Road, Bearsden, G61 3DY

6. Kaf

If you’ve ever seen Kaf’s Instagram account then you’ll know their aesthetic is on point. And their hot chocolate doesn’t miss the mark either. One of their previous indulgent seasonal specials was a cardamom-infused version topped with a moreish, toasted coconut marshmallow that brings even more creaminess to the drink, plus they currently offer a white chocolate chai. Please note that they can only fit about ten people inside at one time, so time your trip wisely as not to miss out on their unique hot drinks.

5 Hyndland Street, G11 5QE

7. Jelly Hill

This cosy coffee house and wine bar in the West End has an array of well-crafted drinks to choose from, including their hot chocolate. Jelly Hill is the perfect place to run into to escape the cold, wet weather. Sit with a cup of frothy goodness with lashings of whipped cream and marshmallows here and and watch life go by. If their drink is not enough of a sweet fix for you, order a slice of their decadent cakes.

195 Hyndland Road, G12 9HT

8. Ocho

Wander down to Speirs Wharf and slide into Ocho for a delicious and frothy hot chocolate. Treat yourself to something off of their stunning menu to go with your beverage, and relax by the canalside sipping on this velvety hot drink and tucking into breakfast roll. Ocho also offers an array of toasted sandwiches alongside soup that will keep you warm (and toasty) when escaping the cold weather. In need of a dose of caffeine with your hot chocolate? Upgrade to a praline mochaccino and thank us later.

Ocho, 8 Speirs Wharf, G4 9TB

Fancy a cup at home?

Bare Bones Chocolate, a micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company based in Glasgow is there for all your chocolatey needs from the comfort of your home. Plus, you’d be supporting a local business. Bare Bones offer two varieties of hot chocolate- 70% Madagascan and 68% Dominican Republic salted. Simply add 30g of chocolate to warm milk, whisk and watch the single-origin chocolate melt.

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