A New Crazy Golf Venue Featuring A Mini Replica Of The Old College Bar Has Opened In Glasgow

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The 18-hole golf course has a Glasgow twist.

We may be biased but you gotta love Glasgow. Taking their love for the city, the creators of the popular adult-only entertainment chain Ghetto Golf have launched a new crazy golf course in Glasgow this month. Known as Golf Fang, the course has been designed to pay homage to Glasgow’s culture and renowned entertainment scene, by featuring a miniature replica of the iconic Old College Bar.

Credit: Big Fang Collective

The enormous 40,000-square-foot venue has been brought to life by a team of specialist street creators and local artists who invested hundreds of hours to cover every inch of the space bring some of the most recognisable aspects of the Ghetto Golf experience to Scotland. The ceiling alone took over 300 hours to complete, with each individual hole requiring more than 100 cans of spray paint. 

The Big Fang Collective will incorporate Scottish food, creatives and artists in the continuing development of the venue as it expands from the initial Golf Fang offering that launches this month. The Golf Fang venue, based on Lancefield Street, has opened on September 2 and keen putters can now book their tee-off time.

Credit: Big Fang Collective

Golf Fang’s co-creator, Kip Piper, said: “We’re known for our tongue in cheek style which is unmissable within the Glasgow venue. People here in Scotland are renowned for their sense of humour so we can’t wait to see how they interact with the space.

“We want guests to walk through the door and feel like they’ve been transported into a weird wonderland where you never know what is going to be around the next corner. One minute you’re playing through a human sized teddy bear picker, the next you’re on the set of the Jeremy Kyle show or in a giant hamster cage – it’s going to blow the minds of the public!”

Credit: Big Fang Collective

The venue boasts a 400-person capacity and will encompass an 18-hole crazy-golf style course, which has been designed with a distinct Glaswegian twist. A host of the city’s top street artists have also been recruited by the Big Fang Collective to ensure that the attraction has a unique feel which reflects Glasgow’s infamous culture.

Across the course, players will putt on a range of instantly recognisable themed holes including the Old College Bar which has become a symbol of the city having been widely regarded as one of the oldest public houses in town. The pub’s legacy will now live on through the miniature replica that players will pass through as part of the urban golf course.

Credit: Big Fang Collective

Martin Hennigan, Head of Production, said: “It’s a staple of our venues that we honour a local pub that’s well-known in the city. For Glasgow, we selected the Old College Bar as we loved the story of how it claimed to be the oldest pub in the city – but really it wasn’t. It’s a bit cheeky and we can definitely relate to that.

“The Old College Bar was obviously a bit of an institution in Glasgow and was fondly viewed upon. We heard that it’s shut permanently now which is a real shame, but we like to think it will raise a smile when people see our tribute on the course.”

Credit: Big Fang Collective

Following Big Fang Collective’s launch of their dystopian-inspired pop-up bar in Birmingham, this will be the brand’s first venue in Scotland and will include a giant hamster cage, ‘Tunnel of Love’ and a bouncy castle on the 18-hole crazy golf course. Set to become one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ settings in the city, the new venue has also been decorated in traditional Ghetto Golf style, with graffiti, street art and neon lighting ready to light up our social media feeds.

In addition to the course, the ultimate entertainment destination also brings the Flip & Dip food outlet to Glasgow, alongside attractions such as Birdees Bar which is scheduled to open later in the year beside other offerings including the Big Fang Collectives unique take on karaoke. Guests will also keep cool on the course with a variety of Golf Fang signature cocktails including ‘Lethal Drizzle’ and World Class Wrecking Brew’.

Credit: Big Fang Collective

Starting at £12 per person, the over-the-top venue also offers a variety of packages that cater to every players needs. Online bookings can now be made via the Golf Fang Glasgow website, with reservations available from September 2 onwards.

Golf Fang, 82-100 Lancefield Street, G3 8JD

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