This Glasgow Restaurant Has Created The Biggest Doner Kebab In The UK

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The kebab weighs just over seven stone.

We’ve seen some monstrosities when it comes to gigantic food but this giant doner kebab is something else. Weighing in at just over seven stone, this Glasgow restaurant has created the biggest German doner kebab in the UK. Woah!

Staff at Yayas, a restaurant on Paisley Road West specialising in German doner kebabs and flamed grilled chicken, were challenged to create the largest kebab they could possibly make by a customer one evening. Workers at the kebab house rose up to the challenge and got to work on producing its largest dish by far.

The great, big kebab included 45kg of doner meat within a four and a half feet of bread, alongside a generous scatter of salad accompaniments such as lettice, onions and red cabbage, as well as a drizzle of garlic mayonnaise. This new creation from Yayas definitely makes for the ultimate post-night out meal for you… to share as a group or six, or possibly more. However, Yayas will not be putting this mammoth kebab on the menu just yet, as they told the Daily Record that it took them “around five hours to get the finished product out”.

This doner kebab may be the biggest in the UK, but it does not quite make it as the longest kebab ever produced in the world. A South African firm currently holds that title, after it produced a kebab that comes in at a length of 1.27miles in 2008, according to The Guinness Book of World Records.

[Featured Image: Yayas Glasgow]

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