Disco Yoga Classes Are A Thing And You Can Get Involved On Zoom

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler


Zoom. Disco. Yoga.

Three great activities wondrously melded together. Picture a cauldron that blends something the lockdown has given a career to (Zoom), something you’ve been missing (dancing to loud music with other people) and something you vowed to do more of this lockdown (yoga). Voilà! You’ve got you “Disco Yoga Goes Zoom”, and your tickets are available here.

Disco Yoga

This is no ordinary Zoom call: disco is back in a big way and it’s infiltrated the world of yoga. You can even get dressed up in sequins and set up the old disco ball in your living room to really get in the mood. And if you don’t own any disco attire, don’t be downhearted. A pair of sweats and a t-shirt is all you’ll need; the music and movement will soon put you mind at ease as you lose yourself in the class.

Disco Yoga

Viewers will be led through the hour-long upbeat class by Disco Yoga founder Sarah Hunt. Afterwards, everyone will be invited to pour themselves a drink and listen to some disco tunes on the zoom call. No prior experience is necessary, all you need to do is book your ticket and be ready to move, move, move.

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