This Glasgow Bar Has Created A Shockingly Bright Green, Snake Venom-Themed Cocktail

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


Are you brave enough to try this cocktail?

Halloween or not, one bar in Glasgow city centre is conjuring up some daringly different concoctions in their cauldron (we mean, cocktail shaker). Known for their crazy cocktails, Driftwood near Charing Cross has come up with quite the eye-catching and creepishly cool drink, but not all are daring enough to try it.

In the past, Driftwood has served up the likes of Disney-themed fish bowls and Love-Island inspired cocktails, as well as alcoholic drinks centred on key M&S foodie figures such as Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar. But now, the Glasgow bar has created possibly the besssst cocktail yet, and you can’t miss it with its fluorescent green colour reminiscent of the Toxic Waste sour sweets.

Driftwood has concocted a snake venom-themed cocktail which consists of vodka, Southern Comfort, Blue VK, kiwi flavoured grape wine MD2020, apple-flavoured Dragon Soop, ‘venom’ slush, then topped with a jelly snake. For some it might make them slither in their seat, but it has the right balance of sweet, sour and boozy making it a go-to drink to kick off your night out, but maybe don’t have too many as it might come back to bite you.

If this cocktail hasn’t left you rattled, the Glasgow bar also often incorporates plenty of sweets in their drinks including some you’ll remember from back in the day from your local corner shop like Fruit Salad, Dip Dab and Wham Bar. It seems nothing is impossible for the Driftwood staff when it comes to creating the ultimate cocktail dedicated to our favourite sweets and even ice creams and lollies like Feast, Fab and Fruit Pastilles ice lolly. Whatever will they think of next?

Driftwood, 4 St George’s Road, G3 6UJ

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