Dubai Opens To Tourists From July 7, But There Are Some Conditions

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Dubai Opens To Tourists From July 7, But There Are Some Conditions

Sunshine and golden sands galore.

From July 7, Dubai will be open to visitors once again. Since March 25, all flights to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were put on hold. Now residents are permitted to return home, and tourism resumes in two weeks time. Citizens are allowed to fly to other destinations from tomorrow (June 23), “provided the destination countries agree to receive them”. [Featured Image: Unsplash]

However, for arrivals entering Dubai and the UAE, there are a few catches. Each person must produce a negative COVID-19 test from the past four days—or undergo a test upon arrival. Those who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate “at an institutional facility provided by the government for 14 days at their own expense”. Each new arrival will also have their temperature taken.

Image: Unsplash

Dubai opened its beaches over the weekend with social-distancing measures put in place. These beaches and Dubai’s warm weather attract over 1.5 million British tourists every year.

Dubai’s Department of Tourism said: “Beach-goers are required to maintain a distance of two metres between one another, along with their sun-beds, while there should be a gap of four metres between two groups of people and their sun-beds on the beach.”

Dubai joins the likes of Iceland, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands and more in opening up for tourism following lockdown travelling restrictions.
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