Join The Big Edinburgh Cheese Crawl For Edam Gouda Day Out

Alex Landon Alex Landon

Edinburgh Cheese Crawl

The Edinburgh Cheese Crawl will take you to all of the most brielliant cheese spots in the city.

OK, let’s start with the obvious: this admittedly excellent event isn’t taking place in Glasgow – and reticent as we are to recommend other cities that aren’t our fair Glasgow, that goes triple for the old enemy of Edinburgh. But! If there’s one thing that can tempt us east for a day trip, it’s the prospect of cheese, and this fromage-filled walking tour is just about the best reason to explore Edinburgh we’ve yet found. It’s a whole different kind of ‘cultured’, and you can pick up your tickets here.

Photo: @seeyourcitycheesecrawl

Join The Edinburgh Cheese Crawl for two and a half hours of non-stop cheese: from swanky blue cheese and gooey grilled cheeses, to cheesy jokes and interactive cheese-themed quizzes and competitions. They’ve Caerphilly conducted the best route, so you’re in very Gouda hands. Plus, with masks required to take part in the tour, and guides using social distancing tools to keep everyone at a safe distance from one another, you’ll be in safe hands during your cheese-fuelled romp around town.

Photo: @seeyourcitycheesecrawl

Starting in Stockbridge, and meandering its way through to Dundas Street, your cheese-loving squad will hit up the best cheesemongers in Edinburgh, sampling everything from French classics to the best cheeses Scotland has to offer. Oh, and you’ll round off the tour with a nice glass of bubbly before heading straight back to Glasgow. Because you’re obviously coming right back, aren’t you?

The Cheese Crawl takes place every Saturday at 12pm and 3pm. Tickets cost £25 and include all the cheese along the way. So, head over to Fever to secure your place on the most brielliant walking tour that Scotland has to offer.

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