This Winter Festival At Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum Is Returning With A New Show

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There will also be a huge outdoor ice rink.

Organisers of much-loved winter festival, Elfingrove, have announced that it will be making a return for 2021 and it will also be bringing more fun additions. Events firm itison, who are also behind GlasGLOW, will be bringing a brand-new fully outdoors show taking place along the banks of the River Kelvin and transforming the grounds of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

The event last ran in 2019, drawing in over 175,000 visitors and it was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The details of this year’s show are a well-guarded secret, however, one detail that has been released is the creation of Scotland’s largest outdoor ice-skating experience, designed by a world class team behind the likes of ITV’s Dancing on Ice.

Credit: itison

Oli Norman, CEO of itison and event creator, said: “In October 2020 we managed to put on GlasGLOW for over 90,000 event goers making it Scotland’s largest outdoor activity. The odds were stacked heavily against us, but we managed to bring light to the dark winter months as an impending lockdown loomed and created 160 event sector jobs.

“Now, as the creative sector aims to recover from all but decimation, we’re determined to build back in our home city of Glasgow. We’re making a significant investment in the return of Elfingrove, creating over 200 jobs in the industry, but most importantly aiming to create a spectacular show for locals and visitors alike that make us proud to live where we call home.”

elfingrove above itison
Credit: itison

The events firm CEO added: “In 2019, we welcomed 175,000 people to Elfingrove. We got lots of things right, but as is the case with a year one event, there were areas we needed to improve upon. We’ve listened to lots of feedback and are back this year with a brand-new show.

“If people like GlasGLOW they’re going to love what we have in store with Elfingrove 2021. We’ll also be bringing back our E.L.F. Fund that helps local families and organisations who need it most.”

Full details of what to expect at Elfingrove will be revealed in September.

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