You Can Get 20 Different Flavours Of Espresso Martini At This Pop-Up Bar In Glasgow

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Coffee and alcohol in a cocktail. What’s not to love about this classic cocktail? Since its creation in Soho, London in 1983, this drink is fast becoming the hottest in demand cocktail around. And to make things even better, Insomnia Espresso Martini Bar has opened a pop-up specialising in the drink in Glasgow. Plus, there are 20 different flavours of espresso martinis to choose from!

The Insomnia Bar quite possibly has an espresso martini for everyone, from sweet sensations to more obscure concoctions. Each cocktail starts at £6.50 with creations including Toasted Marshmallow, which uses marshmallow-infused vodka, homemade toasted marshmallow syrup, cold brew espresso, Kahlua and actual toasted marshmallows. Other flavours include Salted Caramel Espresso, Biscoff Martini and Inferno Martini, which includes mezcal rather than vodka and chilli-infused agave syrup.

And for a fun-filled take on the classic, try the Fairground Attraction. The drink includes Belvedere vodka, cold brew espresso, Mozart white chocolate liqueur, raspberry candy floss syrup, Mr Black’s cold brew coffee liqueur and topped with candy floss.

This pop-up bar will be tucked inside pancake restaurant Stack and Still on West George Street, so why not enjoy a stack of delicious pancakes followed by an espresso martini? Insomnia focus a lot on the coffee element of the espresso martini including the bean (organic Arabica if you’re wondering), the roast, the grind and the brew involved in making the infamous coffee cocktail. They also roast the coffee beans for all the cocktails on site every day.

And for a touch of theatre you can even pour your own house espresso martinis at your tables for £30, using a Belvedere vodka sharing syphon. If you’re avoiding caffeine or just don’t fancy staying up until the crack of dawn, you can also ask for decaffeinated coffee in your espresso martini. Book your table here.

Insomnia Bar, 100 West George Street, G2 1PP

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