Set Sail For A Night Of Unforgettable Jazz Music At This Floating Candlelight Concert

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

Candlelight concert jazz

All aboard as Scotland’s historic ship, The Glenlee, jazzes up like never before!

Ready to drift away from all your worries? Well, hang tight as Fever have the solution with these ferry impressive jazz candlelight concerts coming to Glasgow this winter. Escape the seasonal chill and hop on board the splendid ship, the Glenlee. The floating venue will be transformed to create a unique jazz club vibe; complete with toasty heaters and moody lighting to give it that cosy, intimate atmosphere. The only goosebumps you’ll be getting here are from the bewitching melodies as they wash over you.

There will be some truly magical jazz performances at these candlelight concerts, where you’ll hear the greatest jazz classics streaming merrily from the bow to the stern and beyond. The night could not come soon enough as these jazz candlelight concerts on the River Clyde are sure to be a hit with both jazz enthusiasts and newbies!

Candlelight concert jazz

This unbelievable night on Glasgow’s riverside will take place on a number of nights this autumn, with the next available date on November 29 and December 22– and you can find your tickets here! You’ll hear tributes to some of the best jazz singers and musicians at these candlelight concerts, such as Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, as well as new jazz tracks, all whilst on the calming shores of the Clyde. Plus, these stunning performances will be bathed in candlelight to create a relaxing atmosphere that will not only light up the Glenlee, but also lighten up your mood too. Last year was a pain in the boat, so why not hit the reset button with a night of extraordinary jazz music in the most remarkable setting?

Having taken to the water as a bulk cargo carrier in 1896 and also circumnavigating the world four times, the Glenlee is one of the only five Clyde-built ships still managing to stay afloat today, and has become a special spot for maritime themed events and activities. But one of Glasgow’s most historic floating gems will become a one of a kind jazz club when lit by the soft glow of candlelight, and filled with the sound of the finest Jazz classics playing live. They’ll be no sea shanties or scrubbing the deck (unless you really want to), just plain sailing soulful music that will see your worries float away. Be careful not to rock the boat though as you try to resist the urge to tap your feet to the brilliant beats you’ll hear onboard!

Candlelight concert jazz

These safe and socially distanced candlelight concerts are a great date night idea post-lockdown, as well as for special occasions, and we think finally leaving the house, apart from your weekly trip to the supermarket, definitely counts as an occasion. You don’t need to know all things jazz to enjoy the evening, for this soothing candlelight concert is a great place to simply escape to the shores for some fresh air and brilliant music in the heart of Glasgow. There are performances at both 6pm and 8:30pm, but either way, you’ll have unforgettable evening. These unbelievable floating candlelight concerts definitely give us something to look forward to and it’s aboat time we heard some live jazz music! Pick up your tickets here!

So, what are you waiting for? Get you tickets here and hop on board!

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