A Scottish Corner Shop Is Giving Away Free Masks, Sanitiser And Wipes To The Elderly

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A Scottish Corner Shop Is Giving Away Free Masks, Sanitiser And Wipes To The Elderly

A corner shop is giving away face-masks, anti-bacterial hand gel and sanitary wipes to anyone over the age of 65.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s heartwarming to know that acts of selflessness can still fill communities. Asiyah and Jawed Javed, who own a Day Today Express in Stenhousemuir, did just this.

Footage has filled the internet of supermarket shelves left empty and devoid of toilet paper and literal fights over hand gel. But the Javed family spent £2000 on these products to give away to those in need, knowing they wouldn’t see any profit. It’s a stark contrast to stories like this one and goes a long way to restore one’s faith in humanity.

Those who can’t make it to the shop are even invited to have the items delivered to their homes for free.

Ms Javed told The Independent that the idea had come from seeing an old woman crying at the shops, unable to buy any of the hand wash that had been stockpiled away.

“I feel it is not fair on elderly people, some can’t get out the house,” she said. “We are delivering 30 packages to a care home where there are 30 people living, and we’ve got another couple of hundred in the shop.”

“Money is not everything, there will be the opportunity to make money in future,”

This is not the first time the family has acted with kindness towards the community. They also delivered milk to the elderly during the “Beast from the East” storms of 2018.

Hopefully, as the dust settles, and the initial panic of shoppers starts to wane, we might see more stories just like this. It’s a reminder that in this uncertain period, communities are still encouraged to look out for one another. Just as the Javed family has.

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