12 Glasgow Dogs You Should Definitely Be Following On Instagram

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For those days when you need to swoon over cute pups…

If there’s one thing we just can’t get enough of at the Secret Media offices, its dogs. From their little waggy tails to their loving personalities – can you blame us for our adoration? And with that in mind, it was only fitting that we shared the gorgeous Glasgow dogs we’ve been following on Instagram, so without further ado…

1. Taliah the Cockapoo

Glaswegian Cockapoo Taliah may only be a few weeks old, but she’s already stolen the hearts of the city and beyond. The fluffy, friendly teddy bear loves playing by the lakeside or having a splash inside to practice her doggy paddle. She occasionally likes to wander up trees too. Autumn is her favourite time of year as the leaves complement her coat making for a great pic to post on the ‘gram. Check out her Instagram and follow her here.

2. Dolly the Labrador

If there’s one pup who can pull off a snood, it’s Dolly the Labrador. Named after her parents’ love for Dolly Parton, the two-year-old lab has been putting her beauty to good use, too, already becoming a model for Harry and Ginny Designs, the makers of pet snoods, bandanas and bows. Dolly is so influential she even has a discount code. Dolly loves cuddles, splashing in puddles and, of course, the feeling of her bandana blowing in the Glasgow breeze. Check out her Instagram and follow her here.

3. Onyx the Romanian Rescue

Two-year-old Onyx is a playful little doggo, regularly showing off his fun activities on his Instagram. From runs in the park, to meeting up fellow Instagrammer, Taliah – Onyx knows exactly how to have a good time. The beautiful rescue dog from Romania enjoys adventures around Glasgow’s many green spaces, stopping by drinking holes such as West Brewery on the reg. Just ask him for all the recommendations for a drink in the city! Keep up with Onyx here.

4. Stanley the Australian Labradoodle

The adorable pupper gets out and about quite a lot, too, from the beach to local spots such as St Lukes & The Winged Ox in the East End of Glasgow. Despite sweet Stanley being based on the West Side of Scotland’s central belt, he is an avid supporter of the Hibs in Edinburgh. However, Stanley’s true allegiance lies with his soft and cosy bed that he loves to snooze in after a long walk. Follow Stanley here.

5. Bronte the Chocolate Lab

Bronte may only be a puppy, but she’s already racked up an impressive following on social media. She also has her very own discount code but for pet portraits. The beautiful chocolate lab enjoys adventures around Glasgow’s gorgeous green spaces. The rest of the time, Bronte likes to chill by the fire, wear matching outfits with her canine cohabiter, Lottie, and demand attention from anyone in the room… What else is a pup to do? Follow what Bronte and her pooch pal get up to here.

6. Three Crazy Spaniels

If you thought one spaniel was enough, how about three? Olly, Cooper and Duke have plenty of adventures together and like to keep their parents on their toes. You’ll find these playful puppers on long country walks in the Glasgow area and beyond, as well as chilling at the beach and seeing who can catch the most waves. Their Insta bio says these spaniels are “not brothers by blood but brothers by heart.” Talk about adorable Glasgow dogs! See what the Three Crazy Spaniels get up to here.

7. Ronin the Bodacion

Ronin is the quite the explorer, often heading out on trips with his owner (including train rides), meeting furry friends and checking out the beautiful countryside. If one thing’s clear from his Instagram, too, it’s that this Dalmation cross Border Collie loves a drink – being frequently spotted with his owner at The Ark Bar. Plus, out of all the Glasgow dogs in this list, Ronin has quite the giveaways on his grid. Look out for his latest competition and where Ronin goes for a pint next on his Instagram.

8. Otis the English Bulldog

An English Bulldog lighting up the faces of Glaswegians whenever he steps out the door, Otis is a regular in local country parks. If you don’t see him walking, be sure to look out for him sat shotgun in a big white van or pondering out of his window. Otis loves his walkies, rolling around in the leaves and trying to squeeze in tight spaces like washing baskets and plant pots. Check out his adventures here.

9. Mozart the Mini Dachshund

Like the composer’s music, this cute pup is elegant. Gorgeous Mozart is a teeny, weeny mini dachshund – strutting around Glasgow making passersby smile (at least, we bet he does!). The little cutie loves to explore (we assume, for treats), regularly up to mischief around the house – and can also be seen dotting around the Scottish mountains in his wee jacket on his walks with his parents. He might not compose music, but he has managed to compose quite the grid on Insta! Follow Mozart here.

10. Clark the Collie

Another gorgeous rescue, showing that adoption is always a great idea, Clark is a handsome Collie, with a luscious golden coat and sparkling brown eyes. He is quite the photogenic dog! This Glasgow dog loves listening to the harp, exploring and playing, and has a particular fondness for his football, especially on the beach. When he’s not on a big walk, you’ll find Clark greeting all the locals as he is one of the friendliest Glasgow dogs. Otherwise, he is parading around the universities as well as his favourite street, Ashton Lane. The Collie has good taste! Follow Clark here.

11. Cici the Petite Pug

Cici has quite the following on social media, rivalling all the other Glasgow dogs, with the hope of having a swipe up link soon for all her pawfect pals. Every day is #TongueOutTuesday for this petite Pug as this has become her trademark Insta pose. But clearly Cici knows what works for her audience. When she’s not out on countryside walks or seaside jaunts, you’ll find Cici eyeing up a tub of Mackie’s ice cream, biscuits tray or even a slice of birthday cake. The pretty Pug also enjoys a spot of Sunday night gaming and sleeping in the washing basket. Follow Cici’s adventures here.

12. Romeo the Pom

Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou Romeo? The real question is where isn’t Romeo? The fluffy Pomeranian gets out and about quite a lot, from the forests to local spots such as Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Kelvingrove Park and enjoying the odd pastry from Sugar Fall Patisserie. Beautiful Romeo loves to play, too, but at home, he’s most likely cuddled up in a blanket with his toys. Follow his life here.

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