This Beautiful Cemetery Is A Peaceful Spot For A Wander • Glasgow Necropolis

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This Beautiful Cemetery Is A Peaceful Spot For A Wander • Glasgow Necropolis

Glasgow Necropolis is perfect for a spot of soul searching on a sunny (or, more likely, rainy) day.

The city of Glasgow is full of beautiful architecture, charting the history of a city built so long ago and bearing so many memories. On the headstones in Glasgow Necropolis, these memories are written out for everyone to see and walk amongst.

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Far from sombre, the graveyard is a wonderful place to ponder the past and enjoy a couple of hours in your own head. The cemetery spans 37 acres so there is a lot to look at, and around 50,000 people have been laid to rest here, in either graves or tombs. Having been established in the 1830s, even some of the oldest graves have survived the weather and are still readable.

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Every architectural style that has been popular since the inception of the graveyard is reflected in the tombs and monuments. There are walking tours, run by The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis, who use any donations to pay for refurbishment of the graveyard.

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Although deer are a rare sight in Necropolis, you might get lucky and spot one. If not then you’re at least likely to spot some lovely squirrels and rabbits hopping about in the grass.

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The graveyard was always meant to be beautiful and moving, ‘dedicated to the Genius of Memory and to extend religious and moral feeling‘, and whether in the snow or the sunshine, it’s an extraordinary place to be.

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