Here’s What’s Hidden Away In This Colourful Corner Of Finnieston • The Hidden Lane

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Here’s What’s Hidden Away In This Colourful Corner Of Finnieston • The Hidden Lane

Glasgow can be grey. Glasgow can be drizzly. Even at the best of times.

But tucked away on this corner is a world full of colour. It’s so hidden that you might not even notice it. But, as you delve down the rabbit hole, blushes of paint sweep the air. [Featured Image: The Hidden Lane Glasgow].

The Hidden and the Hive in Glasgow is a secluded spot of bright buildings that are used as studios for a host of creative endeavours. With 100 spaces, all hosting a variety of different works, it has become a bright hub in Argyle street.

The studios hold jewellers, artists, musicians, writers, fashion workshops and much more. It is something of a paradise for the creatives of Glasgow. It even holds a little tearoom, alongside art galleries, therapists, massage rooms and yoga studios.

So, it’s a great spot for a day out and some self-care. As soon as one walks through the rainbow palette of buildings, it’ll illuminate your day even in the depths of winter.

Open since 2009, the little hidden lane has played host to a number of expert artists. These include Alasdair Gray, Hilda Goldwag, Claire Mulholland and Lorcan Vallely, as well as Margaret Watkins’ photographs from the 1920s and ’30s.

A map of the studios at The Hidden Lane. [Photo: The Hidden Lane Glasgow]
Any budding creatives can book a studio space through the hidden lane’s website. Studio viewings will be socially distant, and participants are required to wear a mask. Or, if you need to book a studio to record a track or a podcast, there is information on how to do this.

Have a potter around the paradise, look around some art galleries and top it off with some tea and cake. And, if you want to join the party then keep an eye out for studios that are up for rent. It is Glasgow’s place to be.

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