Netflix Just Dropped A New Teaser Trailer For Season 4 Of Stranger Things

Alex Landon Alex Landon


Obviously contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for Stranger Things thus far.

It’s been all quiet from Hawkins since a Valentine’s Day trailer teased a huge, if not entirely unexpected, reveal from Stranger Things. Give that a quick watch before we get to the latest news – I’ll wait!

Anyway, there’s a brand new Stranger Things trailer that’s just today arrived on the interwebs, and whilst we wouldn’t normally be super hyped for a trailer which doesn’t feature Mike, Joyce, Hopper, Alexei (😭) or even Hawkins itself, this one is all kinds of chilling:

That unsettling tiled room appears to be filled with test subjects much like our beloved Eleven, and seems to feature the villainous Dr Martin Brenner, who’s not been seen in the show since season two. Is this a flashback, or a spine-tingling look into upcoming events? Guess we’ll need to wait and see, since as we all know, nothing is ever as it seems in Hawkins, Indiana.

Having said that, the two trailers confirm that the show will travel outside of Hawkins this season, perhaps catching up with the Byers after their move out of town at the end of the previous season. Sadly, there’s nothing in either teaser about a release date, but I reckon you’ll be back with Scoops Troop and co before long! We’ll keep you updated with more information as soon as we’ve got it…

[Featured image: IMDB]

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