This Glasgow Nightclub Will Be Powered By Body Heat, And It’s Pretty Mind-Blowing

Tamsin Salfrais Tamsin Salfrais - Branded Content Creator


You read that right: SWG3 in Glasgow will be using body heat to power their venue.

She’s Electric by Oasis and the Electric Slide will take on a whole new meaning when played at the arts and events venue, SWG3. From next month, the nightclub will be trialling ground-breaking technology, which will see body heat generated by revellers converted into energy to power the venue. Yep, our minds are blown too.

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This Scotland first will mark the arrival of theĀ United Nations Climate Change Conference (also known asĀ COP26) in Glasgow, which begins on October 31. The inaugural club night will be taking place a week later, on November 7, with DJ Honey Dijon on the decks.

The system the nightclub will be using is called BODYHEAT (makes sense) and the club’s website states it works by using “heat pumps and fluids to capture the incredible amounts of body heat generated by SWG3’s crowds, channelling their combined energy into twelve 150m-deep bore holes drilled beneath the venue.” Normally, this excess heat is ejected into the atmosphere as waste, so based on their pre-pandemic numbers, the club has projected they could save around 70 tonnes of CO2, massively decreasing their energy consumption. Ironically, that is pretty darn cool.

Find out more on the SWG3 website.