This Pizza Vending Machine Is Coming To Glasgow This Month And We Can’t Wait

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

pizza vending machine

You can have beautifully baked pizza in just three minutes.

We’re all used to the standard vending machine stocked with sweets, chocolate and drinks dotted around the city and in stations, but nothing quite like this one. Some of us were starting to lose hope this year, but the arrival of the very first pizza vending machine in Scotland has made 2020 that bit brighter.

Kristofer Maguire, the majority shareholder along with his brother Raymond and dad Kevin – who also own the Metropolitan Bar in the Merchant City- will be installing The Pizza Machine in the city for all your on-the-go needs.

Next weekend, you will find this wonderful pizza-making machine at the junction on Blackfriars Street and High Street, which is quite a key spot in the Merchant City. This pizza vending machine is perfect to take home to enjoy, munch on your lunchbreak or just when you’ve got a real hankering for pizza.

The machine can hold 96 fresh pizzas that are stored in a chiller and the pizzas will be supplied from Inn on the Green, a new restaurant on Milton of Campsie’s Crow Road. When a customer selects the pizza of their choice, the machine cooks it within three minutes. Yes, that’s right. Three minutes! It’s then delivered ready to eat through one of the slots at the front of the machine. Plus, this machine is great during these uncertain times as it’s contactless.

Toppings have not been announced yet but based on their Facebook poll asking about favourite pizza toppings, we’re hoping to see classic margherita, pepperoni, spicy chicken and vegetarian on the menu.

This one of a kind pizza vending machine is set to be launched on Saturday 14 November. This Tardis-like vending machine shouldn’t be hard to miss. So, next time you find yourself walking down High Street you might be in for surprise!

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