Watch Shakespeare’s Plays Live Like Never Before With ‘The Show Must Go Online’

Marco Antonio Ruiz Marco Antonio Ruiz

Watch Shakespeare’s Plays Live Like Never Before With ‘The Show Must Go Online’

The Show Must Go Online continues with Shakespeare’s Game of Thrones style saga, Henry VI.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Rob Myles—Glasgow-based actor, writer, director and creator of The Shakespeare Deck—has organised a global cast of actors to participate in and complete weekly readings of Shakespeare’s complete plays.

The cast from all around the UK, as well as other countries, donate their time and energy to bring to life Shakespeare’s works in the order in which they are thought to have been written. At a time when theatres around the world are closed, Rob Myles connects and directs the actors via meeting platform Zoom so that audiences can see the actors reading their lines via webcam as well as seeing all the characters in each scene at once.

Although the plays lack a theatrical setting, as well as costumes to fit the part, the dynamism and the clarity with which the actors speak make for The Show Must Go Online’s Shakespeare offerings a surprisingly humorous, no-frills approach to theatre performance that may very well form part of the viewing experience in future years.

Viewers on Youtube have so far been entertained by readings of The Two Gentleman Of Verona—which one commenter claimed was the funniest version he had ever seen—and The Taming Of The Shrewwith parts one and two of Henry VI following this week and next. The broadcasts are free to watch and remain online in case you missed the reading.

That said, a Patreon account has been set-up so that those wishing to support the project are able to do so. This is especially pertinent now as actors, musicians and all types of performers find themselves without any income for the foreseeable future. Also, actors from around the world are encouraged to take part by applying through the website as The Show Must Go Online will continue until each and every Shakespeare play has been performed.

If that’s one per week, you’ve got Shakespeare till the end of November to keep you company.

Watch Henry VI Part I here, at 7pm on Wednesday, April 1 👇