First Minister set to announce a ‘circuit breaker’ for Scotland starting this Friday

The First Minister is said to be discussing options with her cabinet and later report their decision to the Scottish Parliament.

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Nicola Sturgeon is set to announce a new two-week ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown to start on Friday. This news comes after an NHS source who claims to have been given notice of the new, mini-lockdown was quoted in the Scottish Sun today.

The source told the paper that the ‘circuit breaker’ is expected to begin from this Friday (9th October) from 7pm. This news may be addressed in Scottish Parliament this afternoon and the First Minister’s daily briefing, following a cabinet meeting and discussions with advisors.

If implemented, a circuit breaker lockdown could last a fortnight and might see the closing or regulating of pubs, bars, restaurants and leisure facilities with socialising between households banned. It is thought that movements will be limited nationwide to all but essential travel, plus schools and all but essential workplaces could remain open.

A leaked Scottish Government document two weeks ago revealed the temporary return to a near-lockdown was being pencilled in to coincide with the autumn half term holidays, which begin this Friday.

Announcing a further 697 new cases in 24 hours at her daily briefing yesterday Nicola Sturgeon warned: “Given the numbers we are seeing it is possible that we will have to do more.

“There may well be a need for some further restrictions in the near future.”

She said: “If we do decide more restrictions are necessary, and no decision has been taken yet, I want to give an assurance that we will endeavour to give you the public and of course the Scottish Parliament as much notice as possible, as well as a clear explanation of our reasons and rationale.

“I want to promise you that we do not impose restrictions lightly. If we decide that extra restrictions are necessary, it will be because we deem it necessary and vital to get the virus back under control and avoid unnecessary loss of life.”

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