Scots Come Out On Top For The Most Likely People In The UK To Wear A Face Mask

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1 in 4 Brits aren’t wearing a mask on public transport.

Despite everything, research has shown that over a quarter of the British public are still refusing to wear a face mask on public transport. A study carried out by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts discovered that 28% of passengers will admit to not wearing a mask.

However, the study also discovered that public transport users in Scotland wear masks more than anyone else, with 86% saying they would never travel without one. No one surveyed in Scotland by the vehicle-leasing company said they didn’t believe masks helped in the fight against Covid-19.  In contrast to other parts of the UK, Northern Ireland came in second place, with 78% of people there always covering up on public transport.

Wales was found to be the worst, with almost a third (29%) of passengers admitting to not wearing a mask. This was closely followed by England (23%), with central England being the lowest (19%), but passengers in the south east of England showed the highest numbers of non-compliance (28%).

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When looking at the results based on cities, only 46% of residents in Manchester claim to always wear a face mask while travelling on public transport such as trains, buses and trams.

The safest, on the other hand, are Glasgow residents with 88% of passengers claiming to always wear a mask on public transport. Next on the nice list is Belfast with 86% and Leeds with 85%, followed by Liverpool with 83%. Here’s the full breakdown of the cities which were surveyed:

  1. Glasgow – 88%
  2. Belfast- 86%
  3. Leeds – 85%
  4. Southampton – 84%
  5. Liverpool – 83%
  6. Edinburgh – 83%
  7. Newcastle – 80%
  8. Sheffield – 79%
  9. London – 72%
  10. Norwich – 72%
  11. Birmingham – 68%
  12. Nottingham – 67%
  13. Bristol – 64%
  14. Cardiff- 51%
  15. Manchester – 46%

When asked why they don’t wear their masks, of those people, 35% had a worthy reason for not wearing a mask due to a health issue (23%) or personal trauma (12%). Over a third (34%) of Brits said they simply “forgot to bring one”, while almost 14% don’t believe that wearing a mask makes a difference.

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