You Can Win Free Pancakes By Successfully Completing The ‘Squid Game’ Honeycomb Challenge

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Will you and the honeycomb crack under the pressure?

So, you’ve binge-watched the latest Netflix release ‘Squid Game’, but do you fancy taking on one of the challenges from the series for yourself? One Glasgow restaurant is offering exactly that (minus the gory consequences, thank goodness) by creating a dessert inspired by the popular Korean series that has taken the world by storm.

Kcal Kitchen, known for their healthy take on junk food favourites, has launched the ‘Squid Game’ pancake challenge, which includes a protein pancake stack topped with honeycomb, Lotus Biscoff sauce, cream and the iconic honeycomb (also known as Dalgona candy) featured in the programme.

If you’re not familiar with Dalgona candy, it’s made from sugar and baking soda and it was a popular street snack in South Korea during the 1970s and 1980s, but has seen a resurgence. The sweet has a hard honeycomb toffee-like texture and in the Netflix-hit series ‘Squid Game’, contestants are required to trace around the shapes without cracking the shape itself. If they fail, they die.

Now, the West Regent Street joint is encouraging customers to have a go for themselves by only using a knife to carve out the shape. If you successfully manage to break the shape perfectly in the candy, Kcal Kitchen will reward you by allowing you to enjoy your pancake stack for free.

But will you be able to handle the pressure? It might not be as life-threatening as the series but many of us can’t say “no” to the chance of free pancakes. The limited edition Netflix-inspired pancake dish is available from October 11 until October 24, so you had better be quick.

And to make things even more tense, the shape of the candy could be a make or break situation. Will it be a triangle, circle, star or the dreaded umbrella shape?

Kcal Kitchen, 130 West Regent Street, G2 2RQ

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