An Interactive Museum Of Sweets Will Open In Madrid Next Month, And We Need To Go

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

An Interactive Museum Of Sweets Will Open In Madrid Next Month, And We Need To Go

The Sweet Space Museum is poised to make your Madrid trip even sweeter…

As gorgeous and historic a city as it is, one senses that Madrid has been missing something all these years. Of course, it’s only when that something is revealed that you can truly appreciate how much we’ve been craving it – and a new museum dedicated entirely to sweets is the place in question. Sweet Space Museum is a delectable place that will open on the second floor of the ABC Serrano shopping centre, and has immediately been popped straight on our bucket list!

If Willy Wonka had picked Madrid to open a new factory, it might look something like the Sweet Space Museum. Unlike Madrid’s other venerable museums, like the Prado, you’re not going to find paintings, friezes, and murals adorning the walls. That’s because this place is an interactive, sensory, and experiential gallery, with nine mouth-watering themed rooms to explore.

Not just any old rooms, either: the museum will feature a candy forest, an ice cream lab, and a Chupa Chups waterfall, which I quite frankly want to bathe under like I’m Peter Andre in the Mysterious Girl music video… Anyway, the museum has been designed in collaboration with Spanish painter Okuda San Miguel and fashion designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, to give it the stylishness and hyperrealism of an actual house of sweets.

The Sweet Space Museum will open on October 10, and whilst travel restrictions make a visit on opening day unlikely, it’s definitely worth popping over at some stage for a visit. Maybe on an epically sweet world tour with Lindt’s new chocolate museum (home to the world’s largest chocolate fountain) and New York’s Museum of Ice Cream?

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