Explore One Of The UK’s Most Iconic Buildings In This Online Tour

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Explore One Of The UK’s Most Iconic Buildings In This Online Tour

This is your chance to go behind the scenes at UK Parliament with these amazing online tours and fascinating talks!

As the weather turns colder and the days get shorter, we’re all looking for fun things to do that don’t involve facing the elements. So, how about a trip to London that doesn’t even require you to step out of your front door…? Over in Westminster you’ll find one of the most iconic, most instantly recognisable buildings in the country – the home of UK Parliament. And guess what? You can now take an online tour of these historic buildings, without leaving the comfort of your living room!

Throughout autumn you’ll have the opportunity to book a free place on an online guided tour of the Palace of Westminster. You might recognise some of these famous rooms off the telly, but now is your chance to get up close and personal to the UK’s political stage. Your expert guide will take you on a 360° virtual tour, giving you a detailed look at several rooms including the Commons Chamber, Lords Chamber and Central Lobby with its breathtaking octagonal ceiling. Seriously, if you’re into magnificent architecture, or politics, or both – you don’t want to miss this.

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And if you’d like to dive deeper into the treasures, history and heritage of UK Parliament, why not sign up to one of these fascinating free online talks? From talks on the Gunpowder Plot to the creation of Museumand, the National Caribbean Heritage Museum, there’s plenty to pique your curiosity over the next few weeks…

On October 29 you can join an online event ‘In conversation’ with the founders of Museum and The National Caribbean Heritage Museum. In celebration of Black History Month, Catherine Ross and Lynda-Louise Burrell will be discussing the inspiration behind, and the creation of, this incredible museum. They’ll be using documents from the Parliamentary Archives to explore how past legislation has affected their lives and the lives of their ancestors, as well as sharing the legislative changes they hope to see in the future.

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Meanwhile, those of you that are into arts and antiques might want to tune into ‘Furnishing the New Palace of Westminster’. This 45-minute free, online talk sees Assistant Collections Manager, Emily Spary, explore the impressive contents and furnishings of the Palace of Westminster in impressive detail. You’ll be able to learn the weird and wonderful history behind a few of the 10,000 objects that make up the Historic Furniture & Decorative Arts Collection.

And don’t forget to ‘Remember, Remember the 5th of November’! Join this fascinating talk on Bonfire Night itself to learn all about what went down on November 5 1605, when Guy Fawkes was caught red-handed in the cellars beneath the Houses of Parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder… It’ll be a history lesson like no other!

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Finally, if you just want to wrap your head around ‘How UK Parliament Works’, there are plenty of dates you can tune in for an interesting and informative talk about just that! In these interactive workshops you’ll learn all about the inner workings of UK Parliament and what goes on in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how you personally can get involved!

Find more information and book your free place on an online guided tour or online talk here.

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