Wanderlust, The World’s Mindful Living Festival, Now Has Classes At Your Fingertips

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Wanderlust, The World’s Mindful Living Festival, Now Has Classes At Your Fingertips

Festivals are on pause and wellness is a full-blown celebration.

Flower crowns are out, bamboo yoga pants are in. Gone are the days where we leave festivals feeling physically wrecked, microdosing on daylight as we recover from weekends of debauchery. While Wanderlust Festival has been cancelled they’re filing the summer-sized void bringing a holistic escape straight to you. Their dedicated platform, Wanderlust TV,  virtually turns the world into your own wellness playground.

Think of your new subscription as a VIP pass to all the Wanderlust festivals, except this year the incredible mix of yoga & meditation classes, DJ-mixed soundtracks, dance, sound baths, tarot & astrology, and enlightening talks, will come straight to your home—or anywhere with a good connection. You can fill your days with three to five live and pre-recorded sessions with top instructors, so it fits in with your level, schedule, and more importantly, your mood.

While lockdown has put our beloved festivals on hold, introspection and community have been pushed to the front and centre of our lives. Now more than ever, we’re craving transcendental experiences. Why not start by tuning into Binaural Medicine: Beats For the Busy Mind or find your flow with a 10-day yoga challenge? Once you’re on form, you can tap into your dreams and get woke while you sleep. Your monthly or annual pass will give you endless options to explore.

What makes this exclusive channel so unique? Besides having direct access to experts in fascinating (and fun) wellness fields, Wanderlust follows five main paths to guide your journey to an inspired life:

  • Practice: Yoga or meditation practice is critical to personal growth, relationships, and our society.
  • Magic: Music, art and dance wash the dust of everyday life from our souls.
  • Community: Because life is best when shared with others in person.
  • Good: Wanderlust is committed B Corporation that gives social, environmental and financial performance equal weight.
  • Awareness: They’re committed to using the Wanderlust platform to drive positive social change.

Sign up for your subscription and find your inner Nirvana!

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