Glasgow Is Getting A BYOB Outdoor Cinema With Airbeds This Summer

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Glasgow Is Getting A BYOB Outdoor Cinema With Airbeds This Summer

Comfort levels through the roof.

Ever feel like just curling up in a ball on your bed and watching a comforting film? Well, soon you might be able to do just that… only in the great outdoors, and with a screen much bigger than your laptop’s. [Featured image: Snug Life event, Facebook]

Glasgow is welcoming a new airbed cinema to the city this summer. It’s set to be equipped with beds, blankets, cult classic films, snacks and more. But the best part? This new spot is also BYOB, baby!

Airbeds galore, with round-the-clock service of popcorn, chocolate and pizza—it’s safe to say you’ll get the full snug life experience. Beds are large enough to fit three people (from the same household, of course).

As of now, the location has not been revealed, but organisers have set a preliminary date of July 17 for the grand opening.

Even in the sticky heat, this has the potential to be one of the comfiest socially-distant summer activities you’ll get to experience. Mind you, we’d best not get any rain to spoil the fun.

You can read more about the plans over on the Facebook event page.

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