Kelvingrove Cafe Is Reopening This Week And It Has A Brand New Menu And Interior

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Whilst some of us may have been smashing through multiple TV series and films on Netflix during lockdown, Kelvingrove Cafe has been rather busy. The bar and restaurant on Argyle Street has been undergoing a refurbishment over the past six months or so. But now, Kelvingrove Cafe is finally ready to reopen!

From this Friday the bar’s doors will be open to the public once again. As well as a refurbishment, Kelvingrove Cafe has launched new food and drinks menus too. As part of their drinks menu, the bar will be serving 14 delicious classic cocktails, including refreshing grapefruit cocktail, the Paloma, and frothy berry cocktail, the Clover Club. During lockdown, Kelvingrove Cafe created an at-home bar experience with pre-mixed bottles of their renowned cocktails which customers enjoyed from the comfort of their home. One standout cocktail of theirs is known as Treacle, which they describe as “summer’s tropical answer to an Old Fashioned.” The drink includes Caribbean dark rum, crisp apple juice and bitters. However, as comfy as the sofa is, you can finally sip those cocktails from their new bar!

Check out their video which reveals the new interior.

As for their food menu, you can enjoy both a delicious brunch or dinner there. The Kelvingrove Cafe Breakfast Sandwich sounds like the one to try, and possibly cure last night’s hangover. A toasted brioche bun is filled with creamy scrambled egg, chives, Monterey Jack cheese and caramelised onions. Plus, you can add a few slices of local thick cut bacon too. Another dish on their brunch menu is the Nduja Toast- Nduja jam, avocado, parsley, thin sliced apple and honey roasted walnuts on toast. For dinner, you can choose from a selection of vegan, veggie and meat pizzas to go well with their refined cocktails.

As part of their menu testing, last week the bar took to social media in search of taste testers for the the classic brunch cocktail, the Bloody Mary, in which they had a flood of applications. Drinking all the Bloody Marys in the name of research, can you blame them? Kelvingrove Cafe are aiming to create the ultimate recipe and claim the title of the best Bloody Mary in Scotland.

Book your table here. If you want to sip one of Kelvingrove Cafe’s pre-mixed cocktails from home, you still can. Click here to order one straight to your door.

Kelvingrove Cafe, 1161-1163 Argyle Street, Finnieston, G3 8TB

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