These Beautifully-Crafted Origamis Are Bringing A Splash Of Colour To Glasgow

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The origamis are subtly hidden behind signs and benches in the city.

It might seem like all doom and gloom, ‘trying’ to patiently wait for lockdown restrictions to ease, but one student in Glasgow is brightening up the city with a wave of his beautifully-crafted origamis for people to discover. The colourful origamis have gradually started to pop up in unusual spots, which we pass from day to day without even thinking, such as traffic lights, road signs, bridges, bus stops and benches, and have even been spotted on the windows of a West End chippy.

The cute paper artworks are created by Bassel Yasser Zeid, a Glasgow School of Art engineering student from Egypt. Bassel has been making origami for over 10 years and it has now become a big part of his life, even commissioning his origami. Bassel has also created beautifully creatures such as eagles, squirrels and winged horses, plus he has created murals and videos with friends which feature his origamis.

What started from simple paper planes and boats, Bassel now creates more complex designs with specialist paper – such as the amazing crane and love heart he gifted to the University Cafe on Byres Road when he goes to buy ice cream from there. His creations now take pride of place on the window of the Uni Take Away next door.

His paper artworks have appeared in multiple locations during his travels but now he is now leaving his origami around the city of Glasgow for us all to discover. Bassel posts where he has placed his recent origami creation on an Instagram account dedicated to spreading origami around Scotland, with one appearing in the corner of Kelvinbridge and one behind a sign opposite bubble tea café, Hi Tea.

The majority of Bassel’s origamis that brighten the city are known as camellias, which are a type of flower and a traditional origami flower design. Camellias are said to be highly valued in Japan and are often among the first flowers to appear in late winter. So perfect for the usual Glasgow weather! As these cute, intricate creations fill the city, Bassel hopes that anyone in Glasgow who comes across one of his origamis will take a photo of their discovery to then spread the word about his colourful project.

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