Glasgow Revealed As Third Kindest City In The UK, According To Study

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NHS workers inspired the most kindness this year.

There are a lot of things we like about Glasgow, the people being one of them. And it seems others would agree. In a recent study, the good ol’ city of Glasgow was revealed as one of the top 10 kindest cities in the UK.

According to new research from Cricut, Glasgow has the third most-kindest population in the UK. It comes as no surprise as kind-hearted Glaswegians topped warm gestures by food shopping for neighbours, buying food for the homeless and reaching out to friends after not speaking for a while.

This year, we have seen and heard of wonderful and wholesome acts of kindness in Glasgow such as the Scottish corner shop providing free hand sanitiser, wipes and masks to the elderly, and not forgetting earlier on in the year, the Glasgow pub who provided free breakfasts to school children in need. Plus, even big businesses got involved in helping out during the pandemic, including Scottish Opera who repurposed their fleet of lorries to help restock supermarkets.

The study to find the UK’s kindest city by the arts and crafts cutting machine manufacturer, which included 1500 people across the UK, comes part of a #MessagesOfJoy campaign – which is encouraging people to share small acts of kindness this Christmas at a time people may need it most.

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The UK’s Kindest Cities (By Giving Acts Of Kindness) include:

1. Stoke On Trent (68%)

2. Manchester (64%)

3. Glasgow (63%)

4. Oxford (63%)

5. Newcastle-upon-Tyne (63%)

6. Edinburgh (62%)

7. Cambridge (61%)

8. Brighton (61%)

9. Birmingham (61%)

10. Cardiff (60%)

As well as finding out which city is the kindest, the study also found those who have inspired the most kindness this year, with NHS workers coming out on top (53%), postmen, supermarket workers and bin men (39%), as well as Sir Captain Tom Moore (33%). On the other hand, only 7% of those asked said politicians inspired kindness in us as a nation.

A simple checking-in text message was voted the most common act of kindness (43 per cent) as well as someone paying a compliment out of the blue (31 per cent). Around 15 per cent also said a stranger’s kindness was most likely to make them feel less lonely during the pandemic.

Here are some of the most common and heart-warming acts of kindness you could share with others:

  • Text someone to check they are okay
  • Pay someone a compliment out of the blue
  • Call someone you’ve not spoken to in a while
  • Send a message of kindness in a card
  • Send a gift in the post
  • Send someone flowers
  • Cut your neighbour’s grass
  • Go food shopping for someone
  • Buy food for a homeless person
  • Pick up someone’s prescription for them
  • Donate to the local food bank
  • Let someone know you’re there for them
  • Tell people that you love them
  • Smile at people when out and about

Kathy Hodson, Cricut Craft Trends Expert and UK Marketing Manager said: “We know this Christmas is going to be different to normal, and many of us could do with a boost.” Given that it’s often small acts of kindness that make a big difference, the company is therefore inspiring the nation to create handmade gifts featuring inspirational #MessagesOfJoy designed by Cricut ambassador, author and TV presenter Katie Piper.

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