This Glasgow Restaurant’s Breakfast-Style Pizza Could Be The Ultimate Hangover Cure

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This latest creation may just do the trick in restoring you back to life.

Just when we thought we’d got our hangover cure down with a breakfast wrap from Lunch Glasgow, this pizza restaurant in the city launches it’s own concoction to rival it. The latest hangover cure contender is from none other than Candleriggs pizza joint, Nonna Said.

Serving up a glorious and mouthwatering pizza referred to as The McHangover, Nonna Said’s latest culinary creation combines classic go-to ingredients known to bring you back to life after an alcohol-induced night. General Manager, Graeme Moffat, said: “The McHangover does exactly what it says, we’ve tried and tested it!” Topped with generous servings of pork sausage, bacon, American cheese and complete with a fried egg, if The McHangover can’t lift your spirits, then we’re not sure what can.

Credit: Nonna Said

And, if you need an extra boost to cure that fuzzy head of yours, Nonna Said has put together a cocktail to complement The McHangover pizza and help soothe those morning after aches and pains too. They say the hair of the dog is the way to go and this hangover cocktail features a mix of gin and whisky with the infamous ginger nectar that is Irn Bru, as well as a dash of lemon juice with the aim to refresh and renew.

Other Nonna Said’s best sellers which may bring you back to health are also available, such as their tasty Salt and Chilli chicken pizza with fried chicken, salt and chilli spices, spring onion and curry mayo and the Spice Boi with jalapeno poppers, mac and cheese and buffalo sauce. Pizza puritans can enjoy a classic with Nonna’s Calm Doon, Here’s the Margarita or have a taste of home with their Scottish BBQ which features Buckfast BBQ sauce, square sausage, bacon, and spicy mince, making for a perfect pick me up.

Nonna Said, 26 Candleriggs, G1 1LD

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