8 Excellent Things To Do In Glasgow’s West End

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8 Excellent Things To Do In Glasgow’s West End

Come to the West End, they said. It’ll be easy to choose what to do, they never said.

Glasgow’s West End is awash with endless activities. If you could visit them all, you’d never get anything done. So, if you need help sifting through the very best of the west, here’s your handy guide to the top-notch eateries, drinking spots and more.

Brunches and Afternoon Teas in Glasgow’s West End

1. Tuck into an Italian afternoon tea at Dimora

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Dimora, meaning ‘at home’ in Italian, gives you just that feeling. A selection of bruschetta, focaccia, hams, cheeses, bite-sized sandwiches, croquettes and so much more can be topped off by an array of cakes and Champagne. It’s the perfect place to find a unique spin on afternoon tea before heading to a theatre performance. Find Dimora at 222 Ayr Road, G77 6DR. 

2. Enjoy crowd pleasers at Wee Oven

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If you want a slap-up Full English before a day in the West End, this is your spot. Fancy a poached egg topping a variety of dishes (avocado toast, perhaps?), this is your spot. Getting the urge to push the boat out with black pudding slathered with Eggs Benedict then, guess what? This is your spot. The Wee Oven doesn’t mess around, but it’s the best place to go for both classics and off-the-wall breakfasts alike. Find it at 585 Dumbarton Road, Partick, G11 6HY. 

Bakeries and Dessert Bars in Glasgow’s West End

3. Stock up on snacks at My Home Bakery


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Whether it’s sweet or savoury you’re after, My Home Bakery has you covered. Divine pain aux raisins, Jaffa Cake cakes topped with almonds, white chocolate and raspberry cheesecakes, chilli beef pie, and butternut squash with feta focaccia—to name a few—are all available and all divine. We’re drooling just thinking about it all. Find My Home Bakery at 59 Hyndland Street, Partick, G11 5PS.

4. Get baked (goods) at Kember & Jones


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A utopian yeast palace with all things baked. Scroll through their Instagram and marvel at the artisan sourdough, the chocolate smothered pastries, and the rainbow macaroons. Enjoy the items from their café with a flat white any hipster would be proud of, or treat someone to breakfast in bed from home with a banquet of baked goodness. Find Kember & Jones at 134 Byres Road, G12 8TD. 

Pubs in Glasgow’s West End

5. Enjoy a Sunday roast at The Curler’s Rest


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There always comes a time where only a quiet roast to round off the week will do. Hell, for many Brits that could be the story of every weekend. The Curler’s Rest is a quaint pub with optimum settings to enjoy your roast tatties, Yorkshire pudding and gravy inside. With plenty of local brewers featured on tap, it’s also a top spot to get the pints in. Find it at 256-260 Byres Road, Hillhead, G12 8SH. 

6. Get the beers in at Three Judges


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If you’re someone that takes the drinking patter seriously, you’ll want a pub that you can hear your pals in. Three Judges prides itself on being the pub all about beers and chat. That’s why it makes a point of not playing any music. While this could be off-putting for many, it’ll be a lifesaver for others. Also, who’s not down for an upcoming annual pancake flipping competition named “Who’s the biggest tosser?” Anyone saying they’re not all in on that is only lying to themselves. Find it at 141 Dumbarton Road, Partick, G11 6PR. 

Restaurants in Glasgow’s West End

7. Gorge on Scottish cuisine and more at Ubiquitous Chip


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A foodie staple of Glasgow since 1971. Enjoy staple Scottish dishes on the charming rooftop, from Venison haggis to Shetland mussels. It’s entrenched in the sea of West End restaurants and has always been a top-class spot to enjoy some hearty grub. Find it at 12 Ashton Lane, Hillhead, G12 8SJ. 

8. Build your own pho at Hanoi Bike Shop


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A gorgeous array of Vietnamese cuisine nestled in a little West End pathway. Hanoi Bike Shop allows you to build your own pho noodle soup to perfection while offering mouth-watering items like roasted duck leg and slow-cooked ox. There’s even a special “hair of the dog” menu at weekends. Sit out in the quiet courtyard on a sunny day (wishful thinking, we know) and nurse that headache with exquisite soup and delicately crafted cocktails. Find it at 8 Ruthven Lane, G12 9BG. 

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