10 Things We’re Looking Forward To Doing In Glasgow In 2021

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Should we ever leave Level 3…

We might have spent the last goodness-knows how many months under tough restrictions, but that’s not stopping us planning ahead. With a new year in sight, we’re looking up and forward to the things that we’ll soon be able to do – with a number of activities in Glasgow right at the top of our ‘to do’ list. From magical events that are planned for the Spring, to the simplest of things such as visiting our favourite restaurants, here’s everything we’re looking forward to doing in 2021.

1. Actually leaving the house

glasgow level three restrictions

Tired of your boring white walls? Us too. We can’t wait to safely get out and about again, pottering around all that Glasgow has to offer.

2. Eating at our favourite restaurants

Hospitality has taken a huge hit during the pandemic, particularly here in Glasgow. But if there’s anyone willing to get out and about spending our money at extremely deserving local businesses – it’s us. The minute we’re able to visit our favourite restaurants again, we’ll be there, right at the front of the queue.

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3. Checking out a Candlelit concert

Fever’s sell-out candlelight concerts have gained quite the fanbase since their launch, so its no surprise that they’re in our top ten of things we’d like to do once this is all over. From stunning tributes to Nina Simone, to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the sounds of Hans Zimmer – there’s a performance for everyone. Check out the full list of Candlelight events coming to Glasgow here.

4. Going shopping for non-essential treats at Glasgow shopping centres before heading out for a meal

I may have moaned and moaned and moaned about the thought of going out shopping for the day before, but now, I have to say – I genuinely miss the hustle and bustle of Glasgow Fort and Braehead Shopping Centre. From browsing the stores for un-needed treats, to popping to the food courts for a meal after walking about all day – we’re well up for a shopping trip.

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5. Heading for a boozy brunch without having to pick your favourite five friends

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Boozy brunches have been a bit of a saviour since we came out of the first lockdown – but the only downfall has been having to pick between our friends thanks to the rule of 6. We can’t wait to reunite with our mates for a big old booze-up (with a substantial meal to soak it all up with, of course!).

6. Indulging in the popular Dining in the Dark event

Launching in Manchester just this year, the sell-out Dining in the Dark is finally set to arrive in Glasgow in 2021 – with more delectable dishes to try while blindfolded. If you fancy yourself a night of adventurous dining in a beautiful setting bathed in candlelight, you’ll want to snap up your tickets before they’re gone (again!). Each ticket includes three courses, with dishes suitable for vegans, meat-eaters and those who prefer seafood, too. Get your tickets here.

7. Checking out new openings in town

Glasgow’s hospitality scene may have been ground to a halt this year, but in the small peaks of freedom we have had this year, we’ve seen a number of new openings – some of which were actually born in lockdown. From delicious burgers, to a new foodie spot that sells only katsu curry and even a pizza vending machine arriving in the city, our entrepreneurial Glaswegians haven’t let Corona stop them this year.

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8. Enjoying a glass of fizz while listening to Vivaldi on the Clyde

Heading into spring in style, a wonderful floating candlelight event is coming to Glasgow, bringing performances of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to the Glenlee, one of only five Clyde built ships still afloat in the world today. Watch as a number of the UK’s finest classical musicians perform in a beautiful setting, with the sights of Glasgow far and beyond to enjoy, too. Get tickets here.

9. Figuring out what happens in the mind of psychopaths at a compelling talk


Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a psychopath? Well, this talk has the answers. Delve deep into the darkest of minds at this compelling talk in Glasgow, led by an expert and psychologist in the field. The talk will uncover the science behind what makes these people different to your average Joe, with some fascinating research up their sleeves to share with us all. Get your tickets here.

10. Seeing Buchanan Street bustling again

One of the biggest things we’re looking forward to is the sense of normality that Buchanan Street brings – with its shoppers and buskers all filling the streets every single day. Whether its something as small as popping to the Greggs for a sausage roll or being one of said shoppers for the day – we can’t wait to see Glasgow alive once again.

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